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Thursday, 22 September 2011

My First Grayling - Thursday September 22nd 2011

This hundreds of years old village of Altengronau, close to the Bavarian border, once again the setting for my fishing adventure.

Just downstream of the bridge, same as the first photo, you are a world away from the village's energy.

As Eike fished opposite me, and anglers fished the pools immediately above and below mine, I pulled 3 fish from this fast and 1-2 foot deep run.

thanks to Eike for these 2 previous photos

At at least 27cm this is considered a 'good' grayling for this stream.

Here you can see the Adams dry fly in the corner of the fishes mouth. With its magnificent erect dorsal fin. 

It was really fun to catch these 3 fish on the dry fly, during an up-wings hatch. As I usually fish nymphs. 

Another good fish slashed my fly at the very head of the run, and escaped. Next time! 

It is interesting how these Graylings hold in the fast water, not where you would expect a brown trout.

I also caught a Chub, much bigger than this my first ever one, twas about 30cm, on a #20 Sawyers Pheasant Tail Nymph