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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

La Fontaine Spring Creek December 2014 - by Andrée Dubiel

I have no fly fishing experience at all, so it was quite the opportunity to follow Nick along at the famous La Fontaine stream, on the evening of the summer solstice last December 2014.

It is quite challenging, and finding the right spot takes some time, but he doesn't get discouraged. I follow him with my camera, taking it all in, trying to be careful not to get ahead of him so the fish won't see me. The first fish comes quickly, so we get excited and keep on going along the bank. We finally come to a spot where you can just see the fish jump out of the water. It is getting dark by then, and I'm wet and cold (having accidentally fallen into the water along the shore), but it's difficult to get away, and quite a beautiful sight.

I got to watch an artist at work, learning as much as I could, careful to follow directions and not to make a lot of noise, snapping photos when appropriate. All in all a fine challenge as a professional photographer, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have learnt from an experienced fisherman.

The Scott S4 hard at work. What magnificent country.

The scene of the ballistic evening rise! So exciting, even a beginner like Andree landed trout!

Thank you for your kind words and great, patient photography Andree! If you would like to hire Andree then contact her through

I landed 5 browns, almost all on dry fly! My highest numbers session for the season so far.