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Friday, 21 February 2014

A lesson in Simplicity - January 17-19, 2014, with Kieran Lee

Kieran Lee is a minimalist. His gear for 2 days fitted neatly in a small duffel bag in the back of his wagon. My gear took up the rest of the car. Including the 3 back seats. He gave me stick about this of course. 

However, as usual, there came a point in the trip when he really wished that he had something that he'd left behind. On this trip it was some camp shoes, as he was freezing in sandals at night. Or maybe more water in his pack, when he woke up as dehydrated as his back country meals, after trekking all day on 600mLs or so.

However, apart from getting freezed and dried, on the whole, he seemed to be having much more fun with his gear than me. I was drowning in a sea of choices and complexity - with all the fishing gear recently out of storage - arranged on the grass around me, while he sat in a comfy chair, eating his 2 seconds to prepare dehydrated meal in a bag, wondering if I'd ever my kit packed and get to bed before dawn. The choice of the correct net for the water, from my arsenal of 4, was crucial I assured him.

I have resolved to buy more dehydrated meals, set up my leaders before leaving home, and take less gear. Maybe only 3 nets next time.

My most memorable fish of the trip. Isn't he Beautiful? Size is less important than difficulty for satisfaction. Also my only brown,and the first fish of trip after along walk and a lot of prospecting.

Kieran sleeping with the enemy

Fish till you drop. Kieran taking a power nap late arvo on day 2 after many miles of scorched water.
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 Kieran with a 6lb trutta
Tied down for the NW Gales!

Didymo in A NW Gale. Please Check Clean and Dry ur gear to prevent

As you can see, we had some great fishing on a rare SW day, and I relished walking for 15 hours and over 10 kms on day one. And then doing another 5kms+ through heavy bog and into a fierce NW on day 2! My feet however did not. I need new Tramping boots.

For the record I landed 5 and lost 4. I think Kieran landed at least 7 - a foray up a fishy looking side braid resulting in the 2 extra browns trout for him on day 1. Although I'm sure he will correct me if I have underestimated this number.

A great back country trip!

Photos courtesy of Kieran Lee and Nick Moody.