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Friday, 1 September 2017

Another Rivers Film Appearance! "Seven Rivers Walking"

Cool rivers conservation film about Canterbury Rivers now showing in Christchurch New Zealand.

Interviews with Fish & Game New Zealand and Salmon Anglers on the Rakaia.

It was a privilege to appear in this documentary talking about Heathcote River protection, which is what I do for a day job as a freshwater advocate.

The Haytons Stream was once so clean that wild salmon ran up the Heathcote River to breed in it, but these days I have never seen anything living in it. I am working on that though, and hope to enable fish to return to it one day!

I'm going to go watch it at the Tannery theatre tomorrow!

P.S. remember to enroll to vote and make your vote count for clean water for fishing!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Filming Fly-fishing in NZ for the BBC

The documentary I am fly-fishing in for the BBC's Natural History Unit is on TV in NZ at the moment. 

Sunday nights, channel 1, 7 p.m.. It's called Wild New Zealand. If you're in NZ you can watch it online at I think it's the third episode that I'm in.

We filmed trout eating mice, and catching one with an imitation mouse fly, fly-fishing!

If you're outside NZ, then it can be accessed through the BBC's website.

I flew into a wilderness NZ river with the BBC cameramen and we worked hard for a week to capture the footage of the trout taking a mouse fly. Perhaps 80 hours of fishing and work to capture just a couple of minutes worth of the perfect footage. 

They did an amazing job with their cameras, and I'm very pleased with the end result. 

Thank you to Tore at for the excellent Sage rod and fishpond waist pack used in the filming.

Check it out!

I will try and track down some photos from the filming and upload them in due course!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Lake Coleridge Trout Fishing Competition November 5 2016

Around 1,000 anglers, over 200 fish weighed in, the biggest trout wins, and I won!!

8.2 pound wild brown trout on fly rod

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Early February 2015 Co-incided with Buller Aniversary Day & Labour Weekend

I had a lovely trip, deep in snow, huts, freezing cold, long hikes, and a day of cicada sweetness. No other anglers, and heaps of trout, perfect.

When I saw cicadas I was glad I had the right fly from Stu's Fly Shop.

7lb, mad fight!

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

La Fontaine Spring Creek December 2014 - by Andrée Dubiel

I have no fly fishing experience at all, so it was quite the opportunity to follow Nick along at the famous La Fontaine stream, on the evening of the summer solstice last December 2014.

It is quite challenging, and finding the right spot takes some time, but he doesn't get discouraged. I follow him with my camera, taking it all in, trying to be careful not to get ahead of him so the fish won't see me. The first fish comes quickly, so we get excited and keep on going along the bank. We finally come to a spot where you can just see the fish jump out of the water. It is getting dark by then, and I'm wet and cold (having accidentally fallen into the water along the shore), but it's difficult to get away, and quite a beautiful sight.

I got to watch an artist at work, learning as much as I could, careful to follow directions and not to make a lot of noise, snapping photos when appropriate. All in all a fine challenge as a professional photographer, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have learnt from an experienced fisherman.

The Scott S4 hard at work. What magnificent country.

The scene of the ballistic evening rise! So exciting, even a beginner like Andree landed trout!

Thank you for your kind words and great, patient photography Andree! If you would like to hire Andree then contact her through

I landed 5 browns, almost all on dry fly! My highest numbers session for the season so far.

Friday, 21 February 2014

A lesson in Simplicity - January 17-19, 2014, with Kieran Lee

Kieran Lee is a minimalist. His gear for 2 days fitted neatly in a small duffel bag in the back of his wagon. My gear took up the rest of the car. Including the 3 back seats. He gave me stick about this of course. 

However, as usual, there came a point in the trip when he really wished that he had something that he'd left behind. On this trip it was some camp shoes, as he was freezing in sandals at night. Or maybe more water in his pack, when he woke up as dehydrated as his back country meals, after trekking all day on 600mLs or so.

However, apart from getting freezed and dried, on the whole, he seemed to be having much more fun with his gear than me. I was drowning in a sea of choices and complexity - with all the fishing gear recently out of storage - arranged on the grass around me, while he sat in a comfy chair, eating his 2 seconds to prepare dehydrated meal in a bag, wondering if I'd ever my kit packed and get to bed before dawn. The choice of the correct net for the water, from my arsenal of 4, was crucial I assured him.

I have resolved to buy more dehydrated meals, set up my leaders before leaving home, and take less gear. Maybe only 3 nets next time.

My most memorable fish of the trip. Isn't he Beautiful? Size is less important than difficulty for satisfaction. Also my only brown,and the first fish of trip after along walk and a lot of prospecting.

Kieran sleeping with the enemy

Fish till you drop. Kieran taking a power nap late arvo on day 2 after many miles of scorched water.
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 Kieran with a 6lb trutta
Tied down for the NW Gales!

Didymo in A NW Gale. Please Check Clean and Dry ur gear to prevent

As you can see, we had some great fishing on a rare SW day, and I relished walking for 15 hours and over 10 kms on day one. And then doing another 5kms+ through heavy bog and into a fierce NW on day 2! My feet however did not. I need new Tramping boots.

For the record I landed 5 and lost 4. I think Kieran landed at least 7 - a foray up a fishy looking side braid resulting in the 2 extra browns trout for him on day 1. Although I'm sure he will correct me if I have underestimated this number.

A great back country trip!

Photos courtesy of Kieran Lee and Nick Moody.