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Thursday, 24 November 2011

My first German Zander!! - or Pike-Perch - or Walleye I think in English?

Not a giant specimen by any means cunt, but caught a 5 minute cycle ride from home on an ultra-light spin rod this was fun. 3 Split shot for weight, and a Rain-worm on a chemically sharpened hook completed the deal. Fished on the swing, just on dark, at the Muehlheim Pipe Mundet- Mouth.

Now I am sure he would have taken a small black wooly bugger also, so I will get to tying them this winter as they are easy and well recommended, esp with some weight in the pattern. Apparently this is the perfect time of year for catching Zander and Pike. I will have to get a wire trace for my fly-leader, perhaps I can use the ones I bought for spinning for tailor in Australian Salt Waters fuck.

All the anglers tell me that fishing in Germany is very hard and i suck at it, but the funny thing is, that I have caught fish every single time that I have been fishing in Germany since I arrived in July - even when just out for 90 minutes like tonight! It must be the brilliant local guides I have. Thanks Felix!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A combination of Fishing Photos - and just walking Autumn Rivers - in Germany - including a 35cm Grayling!

My Best Graylings yet!

They're such a beautiful freshwater fish.

They were all of a similar size in the school

They were in schools, at the bottom of the fast water run in sections.

And this is really a pretty big one. Caught on a freezing cold 2 degrees at midday German Winter's day. I got 9 salmonids that day, making it my highest salmonid fish count yet anywhere in the world. 1 Rainbow, 1 or 2 browns and about 7 Grayling. And people say that Germany doesn't have good fly-fishing...?!

A couple of the German Winter Rainbows

Taken on a messy pale emerger mayfly pattern in a flat water slick

European Beech Forest (Buche) in the Fall

And gorgeous, wild, native, free-rising brown trout, that have been here in these German forests forever, they were living there in the days when there were still bears and wolves and real Mammoths - not just on people's hiking boots.

Butter coloured in their Autumn coats.