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Sunday, 13 November 2011

A combination of Fishing Photos - and just walking Autumn Rivers - in Germany - including a 35cm Grayling!

My Best Graylings yet!

They're such a beautiful freshwater fish.

They were all of a similar size in the school

They were in schools, at the bottom of the fast water run in sections.

And this is really a pretty big one. Caught on a freezing cold 2 degrees at midday German Winter's day. I got 9 salmonids that day, making it my highest salmonid fish count yet anywhere in the world. 1 Rainbow, 1 or 2 browns and about 7 Grayling. And people say that Germany doesn't have good fly-fishing...?!

A couple of the German Winter Rainbows

Taken on a messy pale emerger mayfly pattern in a flat water slick

European Beech Forest (Buche) in the Fall

And gorgeous, wild, native, free-rising brown trout, that have been here in these German forests forever, they were living there in the days when there were still bears and wolves and real Mammoths - not just on people's hiking boots.

Butter coloured in their Autumn coats.

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  1. Wow, nice pictures!! I love being in nature during Autumn :)