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Sunday, 14 October 2012

High Flows Don't Stop the Mr Glister Lure

Matt Rocking the 17' Leader - he's so far Away that he's Almost out of the Picture! ;-)

Matt with the best Fish of the Day - Around 4lb as I recall, Super thick and Fat, and Look at that Gorgeous Yellow Belly!

I just about caught a Goat here!

After a tough day of nymphing up this River for a fish each for the 3 of us, I turned around at the end of a long day and switched to a Mr Glister Cone Head Lure in about a size 8.

The water was coloured, and the Wind was howling. 8lb Maxima, and Boom! You can throw this guy straight into, across and through the wind. I had 3 Large browns hit it in a short time, and one of them was a large fish which had been refusing my mate's artfully presented nymphs for ever! Strangely, none of the trout hooked up though? They were pretty much just straight out from me, one a little bit downstream, and one almost straight upstream. On both short and very long lines. Those lures can fly very well! 

If anyone's got suggestions on how to make them connect, striking tricks or anything, I'd welcome them! I sure know that Big browns like to eat them now though, even in spring creeky conditions! I couldn't believe it... :) 

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