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Friday, 22 June 2012

Exploratory Trip #7 in Queenstown Region

Nothing exciting to report today, but to get into the habit of blogging and recording my trips, here are some pics from this afternoons 2 hours in the rain.

Note the snow in background

A shot of the silt and weedbeds shallows

Ye olde flock of Black Swans

Had 3 follows in to the edge from smaller 'bows around 1lb today, using the 10g Toby and small bronze ticer. 

This would be a great still water for fly-fishing from a small boat, and there was quite a few lil dingies n canoes on the shore. Do you know any of their owners?

I also lost my folding knife key ring n keys somewhere on the shore, if you find em before I do, be in touch!

It's probably a better fly-fishing water, but I just went for an explore as the storm front was hitting with the spinning rod. And fished in the rain and mud for a couple of hours, great fun!

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