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Monday, 18 June 2012

A Journey down the Mataura - February 2011

 A Journey down the Mataura from the upper section which is a small stream downstream all the way to the Ocean 

Counted 13 fish in this pool off the Highway Bridge!
The fulfilment of a lifelong dream to be here

Anxiously seeing if Greg Kemp can tie and post me some emergency replacement flys...

Yes... he can!

Sometimes it was very cold

Kat's 4lb brown on her first day fishing ever

Michael Arfstrom from Sweden, left, and Pat and Kat from South Carolina, all camped like us at the Awesome Athol campground

Sometimes the fish were hard to find after the biggest flood of the Summer, a months worth of rain in a day they said. It didn't matter, still caught plenty, even in this muddy water.

Local Offerings - Stu's Flyshop's recommended February selection

A smorgesboard of stomach contents

The second batch of photos to come when I have another couple of hours...

Here they come...!

You can see the character and nature of the River changing a lot over its length!

This lower water, down just below Gore, was the only section where I didn't catch any fish. I had just one evening, and fishing through the downpour, the trout were very spooky, generally one drift of the leader past them was enough to put them down.

This was the only section which (at least temporarily!) lived up to the Mataura's reputation of being a difficult fishery.

But I still felt so happy and privileged to be on the Famous water.

All the way to the estuary here, where she empties into the Sea :-)

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